our new flavors!

New recipe

Just delicious.

The new tibi is in cocoa powder juicy and rich and it is a valuable composition with milk or dark chocolate as well as several fruit creams and jellies. These properties make chocolate consumption even more enjoyable experience. We fill the soft chocolate with carefully prepared and high quality creams.

The new double layered fruit juice concentrate enriched filling what accentuates the flavor of silky milk chocolate and specific of dark chocolate. Our new milk chocolate mass also contains hazelnut paste resulting in an even creamier texture. Our new dark chocolate has 55% cocoa content. The filled dark chocolate contains 47% cocoa.

Besides the most popular tastes of tibi, our new product line has new flavors as well. So, everyone could find their favorite.

Try the new tibi flavors and watch the effect. It cannot do a miracle. It is just delicious.